Universal Antirock

Universal Antirock

Universal Antirock® Sway Bars - allow you to add all of the benefits of Antirock sway bars to your custom vehicle application! Antirocks are designed to enhance off-road driving capabilities and to provide balanced performance of front and rear suspension in rugged off-road conditions. They improve off-road traction by enabling increased suspension flex and by equalizing and distributing the weight of the vehicle over all four tires. Universal Antirock kits also find their way into many on-road builds as well with great success!


Universal Antirock Kit Features

Custom Fitment - universal kits offer varying sizes of all components involved so that you can tailor a kit to your vehicle's specific needs.

Adjustability - most universal kits feature sway bar arms with multiple holes so the bar rate can be easily adjusted - even on the trail if needbe. Sway bar link rods are adjustable length for fine tuning of the sway bar's performance in your application.

Modular – Antirock parts can be swapped and replaced at any time as the system is very simple and easy to work with.

Universal Antirock, 40" Bar
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